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  1. I would buy the dirty argument if I was a negligent pet parent and didn't keep all of my litterboxes clean but she does it no matter what. She refuses to pee in the box but won't poop in it. My vet has checked her out and she's healthy so we think it's behavioral. But unlike some people who would just give her up rather because they didn't want to deal with it, I've managed to train her to go on pee pads that I clip to the litterbox mat. It's not ideal but I'm not giving her up just because she isn't perfect.

    1. Shame on anybody who doesn't have a sense of humor. I was thinking of a sign for Inky that reads "That is right I am a jerk!" LOL Then there is Snowball, "Yeah I'm a sprayer, but you know I can get away with that because I small, cute and super fuzzy…

  2. Cats sometimes do this to tell you that something is wrong. My cat was peeing in the sink so we took him to the vet and he had a UTI and crystals. I hope this cat is lazy, and dosen't have any issues 🙁

  3. You're going to have to change his food to keep the crystals from continuing to form. For Beckett, I switched his dry food to Wysong Uretic and his wet food to Tiki Cat human grade stuff two years ago … no issues. I buy it and auto ship from an online site with free shipping. Let me know if you want the name of the site.

  4. Gurkha my Bengal pees inside the box, poops outside of it on the little mat. He started doing this when we first moved almost 3 years ago.
    When we moved again to Jim's beach house, he kept doing it. But also, he did have a uti. Took him to vet, got that all cleared up. The poop thing though I read online that Bengal cats do that, and once they start there's no going back.

  5. Jenn, how did you tell he had crystals? I know make cats are more susceptible to them, our first cat had them, the one before butterscotch.

  6. I think my Minxy has to go to the vet. She's been losing fur on her tummy & both back legs on the inside. It's not fleas or anything, and I don't see her scratching or licking anymore than normal. It's strange.

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